If you want to become the owner of a family good dog, you should pay attention to the breed of boerbools. This animal treats children well, and also considers the main purpose of its existence to be the protection of its owner and his family and owner in particular.


The birthplace of the dog breed Burbul is considered to be southern Africa, but there is information that the roots of the dog are Asian. In the Assyrian region, animals were used as soldiers, while awarding armor. In Europe, the South African boerboel appeared thanks to Alexander the Great, who brought the beast from Egypt. Later, this breed became the basis for the breeding of mastiff.
In the XVII century there was a restoration of the breed when crossing several European breeds of dogs. Breeding of the farm dog was carried out on the Cape of Good Hope. The result of natural selection was the appearance of a strong and hardy South African boerbool. In connection with active urbanization in the 80s of the last century, the breed disappeared, but later it began to be restored in South Africa.

There is information that before the Europeans arrived in Africa, the boerbools were used as milking animals. Only after giving out milk the dog performed its guard and hunting duties.



Despite the fact that the South African boerbool is not recognized in international rings, he has good support in the Cynological Club of South Africa. Here the standard of the African breed was determined. In these animals, there is a clear distinction between males and females. are characterized by a more compact and elegant physique, they go well to contact. The appearance of the female sex is as formidable as that of the male.

In an animal, weight and height should be proportional. The weight of a large pet can be from 60 to 90 kilograms. The minimum height for a male is considered to be 0.6 meters, for a female - 0.55. The general characteristic of the dog indicates that this is a large dog with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscles. The head of the pet is characterized by proportionality in relation to the body, in the profile it has a rectangular shape.

The frontal bones of the boerboel are wide, in the center there is a furrow of shallow depth. On the bridge of the nose there are skin folds, the entire muzzle has a clear muscular relief. The dog's muzzle is wide, but by the end of the nose it becomes already. Lips are characterized by fleshiness, dryness. The jaws of the dog are characterized by power, strength, force of capture.
The teeth of the animal are large, well stocked. The location of the nose and lower jaw is concentrated on one line. The nose lobe has a large size, the correct shape, open nostrils are concentrated on it. The eye color of the South African boerbool is brown, but may be darker. The eyes are spread wide, there are dense eyelids with dark pigment.
The external organs of hearing have a triangular shape, they are highly planted and widely spaced. When the animal shows alertness or interest, the bases of the ears rise in the area of the base. Boerboules have a strong and powerful body with a flat back that does not have curves. The withers are well isolated and smoothly passes into the neck.

Representatives of this breed have a wide chest, muscles are well expressed on it. All limbs are characterized by evenness and the presence of large joints. The paws of a good beast are large, they have collected pads that are covered with thick dark skin. The tail of the animal is set high, has a natural bend. It has a special density, but this organ in a purebred pet must be stopped.
The coat of the South African boerbool is short, it fits snugly to the body. The hair is soft and elastic. Whatever the color of the fur is not characterized by the dog, on his face may be present mask.


According to the standard, a purebred dog is allowed to have white spots on the chest and legs, but such animals should not be used for breeding. Choose a puppy with special responsibility and care, paying attention to the parents of the baby. Signs that puppies are purebred and healthy:

scissor-shaped bite;
the tail should not be displaced or twisted;
muscle strength;
coat color that meets the standard.

About the mysterious pet with a harsh appearance there are various legends. Among the interesting facts about the breed are the following:

the animal is so strong that a person with a body weight of 100 kilograms will not be able to keep the dog with its unexpected jerk from its place;
an adult representative of the breed can pull a platform that weighs 450 kilograms;
the dimensions of the body do not prevent the boerbool from developing a high speed when chasing.



The Boerbool is a strong domestic dog. The personality and character of this dog were formed over many centuries. These individuals are characterized by good physical and mental abilities, since in the process of natural selection weak and too self-assured, stupid representatives were eliminated.

The psyche of the South African boerbool is quite stable. Despite the large height and weight, the animal is active and mobile. For this reason, this pet requires a lot of physical exertion, namely at least 5 kilometers of jogging per day.

Children of a representative of this breed do not cause aggression. The animal with great inspiration and joy has fun with small people, while looking after them and protecting them. In the owner, a purebred pet appreciates attention and care. In the behavior of this dog it is difficult to find anger and unjustified aggression, usually he is loyal to every living being. With domestic cats, boerboels get along well, but they are often hostile to their relatives.

If the boerbool is properly raised, it will not create conflict situations with other pets living with it in the same territory. To an unfamiliar person, the South African shows loyalty, but at the same time some wariness. This is a dog with a lot of bright individual characteristics, in its disposition there is independence and independence. Males are prone to dominance, so they need to start raising as early as possible.

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